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Re: Goofy dinosaur names: (combined answer)

Nick Pharris wrote:

Well, more or less. What bothers me is the failure to recognize that the genus name is the "thing", and the species name is the modifier. _Mangas tsaagan_ would be 'white monster'; _Tsaagan mangas_ is something like 'white thing: to wit, a monster'. I have the same problem with _Mei long_. The name doesn't make any sense if you split it up.

Yes, this bother me a little too. I like the idea of non-classical taxon names, but for names like _Mei long_ and _Tsaagan mangas_ the species name is etymologically tied to the genus name. As you say, the binomial doesn't make any sense if you split it up.

OK, so it looks like Khalkha Mongolian uses adjective-noun order. But what happens if we want to put another species into the genus _Tsaagan_?

Or, if the species is referred to a pre-existing genus. I don't have _Tsaagan mangas_ in mind, but I do worry about _Mei long_. What happens if _Mei long_ is referred to _Sinovenator_, for example; we would get _Sinovenator long_.

David Marjanovic wrote:

> Naming a dinosaur after Stan Winston is also a bad idea, just ask
> anyone who has survived working with him.

Are you sure it's named after him? The -orum ending implies that Stan and Winston are two different people.

Pickering also named a species "Altispinax lydekkeri-huenensis", which is kind of funny if you think about it. ("Altispinax of, relating to, or originating in Lydekker and Huene")



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