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Tragantegia, Shanxia/Tianzhenosaurus questions

Speaking of goofy dinosaur names...I had a couple of questions concerning these 
"goofy named"ankylosaurus (which by the way are interesting names, Tsaagan is a 
good name for a raptor, I think).

What is the current accepted name for Shanxia/Tianzhenosaurus? Because it is 
said they might be the same (Could even be Saichania), but I was wondering 
which one was now the accepted name. What does "Shanxia" mean? Also, I haven't 
been able to find pictures of neither Shanxia or Tsagantegia, just some vague 
descrptions, and I would like to do a reconstruction of both of these some day, 
but I haven't seen any material, any pictures of the fossils, nothing 
appearing. So I was wondering if any of you had pictures of both of these 

Also, have any shamosaurine post cranial elements been found? because as I 
hear, all of the shamosaurines are based on skulls, like Gobisaurus, 
Shamosaurus, Tsagantegia and such, so in other words, if I were to reconstruct 
one of these shamosaurines, which ankylosaur should I guide myself  in respect 
to armor, scute patterns, spikes and such?

thanks again



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