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Re: Pterosaur size

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Subject: Re: Pterosaur size

But then you would (wager they will eclipse Quetz)? I wouldn't. Unlike Jim and Mike, I don't think today's environment could evolve a Quetz-sized volant.

------- Why not? Current atmoshperic conditions wouldn't stress either them or any of their ancestral line.......

Or tomorrow's environment either.

That triggers a real big "Why not".

In fact, I think the current size limit for flapping flight is below Argentavis, and somewhat above the largest birds living...

I tend to agree with this particular statement, but what do avian limits have to do with pterosaurian (or bat) limits?

even considering that some systems are superior to others, which to my mind just increases the variance, but doesn't affect the slope of the moving average. Just an opinion.

Some of us don't see a moving average in operation.
Drosophilids optimize wingload in a few generations, in response to latitudinal changes.

Individual birds do it in a few days, in response to changes in wing area because of the moult. Birds that lose, say 30% of their wing area during the moult also tend to lose about 30% of their body mass (which does reduce their efficiency, but also allows them to continue to fly without much alteration of performance).