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Re: Non-dinosaurian surprise

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From: "evelyn sobielski" <koreke77@yahoo.de>
<<Oh man, this will put so much water on the mills of the "waitoreke"
entusiasts... in any case, does "mouse" imply a relationship with rodents?>>

I certainly wouldn't assume so, Eike.  Mammal paleontology is littered with
lots of  'mices', many of which are less closely related with mice than I
am.  For example, /Afriquiamys/ is a Lower Cretaceous thing from West
Afriquia that was nowhere near being a placental (but could be fairly close
to /Arguimus/), and North American multituberculates enjoy being called mice
as well.  /Cimexomys/ will do as an example.

Mesozoic Eucynodonts
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