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Re: Gliding mammal from the Mesozoic of China

On 12/13/06, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
These are exciting times for fossil mammals.  Not just the Miocene mammal
from New Zealand, but now a gliding mammal from the Mesozoic...

Jin Meng, Yaoming Hu, Yuanqing Wang, Xiaolin Wang and Chuankui Li (2006)  A
Mesozoic gliding mammal from northeastern China.  Nature 444: 889-893.

Abstract: "Gliding flight has independently evolved many times in
covered with dense hair and supported by an elongated tail and limbs; the

Feduccian collagen meshwork?

Does anybody compared those fossil mammal hair with dinosaur protofeather?


Roberto Takata