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Re: Brazilian scientists claim oldest dino findings

> The key to Cabreira and his collaborator, Valter Lisboa,
> argumentarion, is the structure of bone close to the pelvic region
> (the creature "hip"). There, the creature had between four or five
> vertebrae called sacrals fused into a single strutucture, with
> relatively long a ilium (the upper part of hip bone). It had allowed,
> according to the paleontologist, the creature to have there a much
> more strong and organized musculature. "So, it would have more
> stability to be biped", says Cabreira.

Well, erm. The number the dinosaurs started out with is the usual amniote 2. 
Are they saying it's a theropod? Or an ornithischian even?

> Teeth, serrated and curved backwards, have a primitive
> shape compared with others carnivorous dinosaurs -

To the contrary. They are almost straight. Looks close to the herbivorous 

> restored the creature with collor pattern remembering a guepard,
> the fatest of african cats.


BTW, I'm sure Ville is right. The shoulder girdle thing looks like half an 
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