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Re: NZ mammal fossil paper

<<It is apparently a new fifth post-mesozoic mammalian lineage  (in addition
to Eutheria, Metatheria, Multituberculata and Monotremata), though it is
probably closest to Multituberculata.>>

I'll simply announce my extreme scepticism as to that, Tommy, thank you for
the link to the paper, and read it.  My present understanding is that the
last multis dropped dead during the Lower Eocene, but I won't mind if that's
wrong.  However, I can put in something more material.  South America boasts
a Paleocene dryolestoid named /Peligrotherium/, and that's been additional
to the addition for some time.  Canada offers a rather baffling Paleocene
thing called /Chronoperates/.  It was described as a non-mammalian
tritylodontid, but is more generally seen as a mammal something or other.
Apparently, areas of its jaw suggest contact surfaces for 'additional' lower
jaw bones, but I can't claim to know any details.