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New Morrison Monograph Now Available

>From John Foster via  vrtpaleo:


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History &  Science is happy to report that
another Bulletin is available for sale. NMMNH  Bulletin 36 "Paleontology and
Geology of the Upper Jurassic Morrison  Formation" is a 249-page volume with
wide coverage that should be of great  value to all Morrison and other
Mesozoic workers.  The volume includes:  geological investigations of several
areas; taphonomic studies of several  localities, including the Fruita Paleo
Area (finally) and Cleveland-Loyd  Quarry; a report on possibly the largest
dinosaur ever; comparisons to other  faunas; plants, tracks, and small
vertebrates; and an updated faunal and  floral list of taxa from the Morrison
(see table of contents  below).

Bulletin 36 sells for $30 from the NMMNH Natureworks  Store

To order:  contact Rhea Alper at the NMMNH Store, at  rhea.alper@state.nm.us
or 505-841-2803

An order form with all  NMMNH Bulletins (including this) will be  available


Sales  of NMMNH Bulletins support science at the NMMNH and the NMMNH itself.
No  author, editor, or other person benefits financially from these  sales.



1     Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Upper Jurassic Morrison  
Dillon, Montana  ...J. J. Smith, S. T. Hasiotis and W.   J. Fritz

2    Stratigraphy and the base of the Jurassic  Morrison Formation in Colorado
Monument, Mesa County, Colorado  ...S. G. Lucas,  A. P. Hunt, and W.  R.

3    Clay mineralogy of the Morrison  Formation (Upper Jurassic-?Lower
and its use in long distance  correlation and paleoenvironmental analyses
...K. C.  Trujillo

4    Paleoenvironmental and stratigraphic  implications of authigenic clay
distributions in Morrison Formation deposits,  Bighorn Basin, Wyoming ...D.
S. Jennings and S. T.  Hasiotis

5    Paleontological discoveries at Curecanti  National Recreation Area and
Canyon of the Gunnison National Park,  Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation,
Colorado ...A. L. Koch, F. Frost, and K.  C. Trujillo

6    Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and  taphonomy of a sauropod quarry from the
Jurassic Morrison Formation  of Themopolis, central Wyoming ...T. Ikejiri, P.
S. Watkins, and D. J.  Gray

7    An Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation  fire-induced debris flow: Taphonomy
paleoenvironment of a sauropod  (Sauropoda: Supersaurus vivianae) locality,
east-central Wyoming ...D. M.  Lovelace

8    The taphonomy of the Cleveland-Lloyd  Dinosaur Quarry, Upper Jurassic
Formation, Utah: A  re-evaluation  ...A. P. Hunt, S. G. Lucas, K. Krainer,
and J. A.  Spielmann

9    Fruita Paleontological Area (Upper  Jurassic, Morrison Formation), 
Colorado: An example of terrestrial  taphofacies analysis ...J. I. Kirkland

10    Glyptops  (Testudines, Pleurosternidae) from the Upper Jurassic Morrison
Formation, New  Mexico ...S. G. Lucas, L. F. Rhinehart, and A. B.  Heckert

11    The mandible of a juvenile goniopholidid  (Crocodyliformes) from the
Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Wyoming  ...J. R. Foster

12    A partial skeleton of Goniopholis  from the Brushy Basin Member of the
Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic),  Cactus Park, Colorado, and
distributions of large neosuchians ...K. M. Hups,  M. G. Lockley, and J. R.

13    New pterosaur  specimens from the Morrison Formation and a summary of 
Late Jurassic  pterosaur record of the Rocky Mountain region ...L. R. King,
J. R.  Foster,  and R. D. Scheetz

14    A small theropod  dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of
eastern New Mexico  ...A. P. Hunt and S. G. Lucas

15    Hindlimb allometry in  the Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur Allosaurus,
with comments on its  abundance and distribution ...J. R. Foster and D.  J.

16    The large theropod fauna of the Lourinha  Formation (Portugal) and its
similarity to that of the Morrison Formation,  with a description of a new
species of Allosaurus ...O. Mateus, A. Walen, and  M. T. Antunes

17 Biggest of the big: A critical re-evaluation of the  mega-sauropod
Amphicoelias fragillimus Cope, 1878 ...K. Carpenter

18  Seismosaurus hallorum: Osteological reconstruction from the holotype
...M. C.  Herne and S. G. Lucas

19    Taxonomic status of  Seismosaurus hallorum, a Late Jurassic sauropod
dinosaur from New Mexico  ...S. G. Lucas, J. A. Spielmann, L. F. Rinehart, A.
B. Heckert, M. C. Herne,  A. P. Hunt, J. R. Foster, and R. M. Sullivan

20    A  nearly complete dentary of the ornithopod dinosaur Othnielia rex from
the  Morrison Formation of Wyoming ...R. J. Peirce

21    The  Late Jurassic mammal Docodon, from the Morrison Formation of the
Black Hills,  Wyoming: Implications for abundance and biogeography of the
genus ...J. R.  Foster, K. C. Trujillo, S. K. Madsen, and J. E.  Martin

22    A flora from the base of the Upper Jurassic  Morrison Formation near 
Wyoming, USA ...W. D. Tidwell, M.  Connely, and B. B. Britt

23    Distribution of vertebrate  trace fossils, Upper Jurassic Morrison
Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming,  USA: Implications for differentiating
and preservational  bias ...D. S. Jennings, B. F. Platt, and S. T.  Hasiotis

24    Dinosaur and turtle tracks from the  Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic)
Colorado National Monument, with  observations on the taxonomy of vertebrate
swim tracks ...M. G. Lockley and  J. R. Foster

25    Paleoecology of pterosaur tracks from  the upper Sundance and lower
Morrison formations in  central Wyoming  ...M. V. Connely

26    The vertebrate ichnological record  of the Morrison Formation (Upper
Jurassic, North America) ...J. R. Foster and  M. G. Lockley

27    Tetrapod ichnofacies of the Upper  Jurassic Morrison Formation, western
United States ...A. P. Hunt and S. G.  Lucas

28    Late Jurassic dinosaurs from the Morrison  Formation (USA), the Lourinha
and Alcobaca formations (Portugal), and the  Tendaguru Beds (Tanzania): A
comparison ...O.  Mateus

29    The fauna and flora of the Morrison  Formation: 2006 ...D. J. Chure, R.
S. Hasiotis, E. Evanoff, and K.  Carpenter