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Re: Brazilian scientists claim oldest dino findings

On 12/15/06, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
Well, erm. The number the dinosaurs started out with is the usual amniote 2. 
Are they
saying it's a theropod? Or an ornithischian even?

Well, as far as I could understand, they are saying that the fossil was of a direct ancestral of all other dinosaurs - _Herrerasaurus_ and _Eoraptor_ being earlier spin offs. A very odd argument indeed - at least in a phylogenetic view. But it could be the journalist misunderstanding too - or mine.

> restored the creature with collor pattern remembering a guepard,
> the fatest of african cats.


Thanks. I thought that guepard was cheetah synonym in English too (in Portuguese we could use guepardo and chita interchangeably) - I translated it "on the fly" so probably it is worse than an automatic translation.


Roberto Takata