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Re: How to use hindwings/Lambrecht

> > One click away from this is
> That's what I have imagined ever since the discovery
> of the hindwings.

I have borrowed a copy of Lambrecht's "Handbuch". If
you have access to it, note fig.202b (p.899), which
shows a nice Archie drawing... with leg feathers.
Beebe seems to have known them in 1915.

In addition, there is this teaser:
"A fifth Jurassic bird on which Vidal reports [Mem.
Real Acad. Ci. y Artes, Barcelona 4, 1902, No. 18] is
untraceable." (Lambrecht, op. cit.: 652)

As 3 of his "Jurassic birds" are Archies, and the
fourth is "Laopteryx", I suspect #5 is not avian. But
who knows?



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