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Megalosaurus authority

Hi everyone,

   I'm having some trouble figuring out the correct attribution for
_Megalosaurus bucklandi(i)_, and even the proper spelling. I variously
see Mantell 1827 and Ritgen 1826 for _M. bucklandii_. According to
this message from Stephen Pickering:


"The original spelling for the type species of _Megalosaurus_ Buckland
1824 was _Megalosaurus bucklandii_ Mantell 1827, a nomen nudum next
spelled _bucklandi_ by von Meyer 1832. _Megalosaurus_ appeared as a
Parkinson 1822 nomen nudum (without a species name), and the binomial
name _Megalosaurus conybeari_ Ritgen 1826 is a nomen nudum/nomen

   This suggests that it should be _Megalosaurus bucklandii_ Mantell
1827, but since that was a nomen nudum, it wouldn't "count". The genus
is another story: I've variously seen it attributed to Buckland and
Mantell. So, when and by whom were _Megalosaurus_ and _M. bucklandii_
(or _M. bucklandi_) first formally described? The information above
seems to imply that _M. bucklandii_ was a nomen nudum until at least


Matt Martyniuk