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Re: JVP 26(4)

For HP Nick Gardner, and other ornithischian fans, additional detail on
a couple of the papers:

Prieto-Marquez et al.:

The cast is greatly expanded over Prieto-Marquez 2004.  It's good to
see the Siberian lambeosaurs start cropping up. 

Present: the usual two species of _Iguanodon_, 
_Probactrosaurus gobiensis_, 
_Ouranosaurus nigerensis_, 
_Protohadros byrdi_, 
_Bactrosaurus johnsoni_, 
_Gilmoreosaurus mongoliensis_, 
_Telmatosaurus transsylvanicus_,
_Tanius sinensis_
_Pararhabdodon isonensis_
_Brachylophosaurus canadensis_
_Maiasaura peeblesorum_
_Gryposaurus_ spp.
_Prosaurolophus_ spp.
_Saurolophus_ spp.
_Edmontosaurus_ spp.
_Lambeosaurus_ spp.
_Corythosaurus casuarius_
_Hypacrosaurus altispinus_
_H. stebingeri_
_Parasaurolophus_ spp.
_Olorotitan arharensis_
_Amurosaurus riabinini_
_Koutalisaurus kohlerorum_ 

The hosing of Hadrosauridae that occurs in the presence of
_Koutalisaurus_ is attributed to its few coded characters; without it,
the tree is pretty familiar.

Maidment et al.:
There is a cladistic analysis, with:

Stegosaurians go (Huay(Tuo((Dacen+Kent)(Steg+Hesp))))