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Re: NZ mammal paper

> I note that Worthy et al. have not proposed a name for the beastie. Is
> this just unusual restraint,

I think so, because there's no evidence on whether the jaws and the femur 
belong to the same species, and because both are fragmentary enough that they 
might come from any one of several closely related species, so a name would run 
the risk of becoming a nomen dubium later.

> or is PNAS not an appropriate place for systematics?

Anything that counts as published is appropriate. There is a Mesozoic bird that 
was named in PNAS, for example.

> And should we anticipate another publication with more
> details and a "Systematic Paleontology" section?

No idea.

> (((Personally, I'd love to see a name alluding to the
> rumored cryptid "Waitoreke,"

Never forget the kaureke.
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