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Re: Embargoes RE: Turiasaurus

In a message dated 12/21/2006 3:41:47 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
jeff@jeffhecht.com writes:
<< The way these things are  supposed to work is that wire services 
distribute stories ahead of time, to be  published on-line when the embargo 
ends. In 
this case, rawstory.com apparently  put up the press release without looking to 
see if it was embargoed.  >>
Perhaps a new method (or an old one) of releasing  these "paleontological 
event" news stories should be considered. It's turning  into show business like 
so much of dinosaur science. The damn things are walking  down a red carpet 
these days.
I'm sorry if my post stepped  on your toes, Jeff. You are the best reporter 
on this beat, IMHO. DV