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And here it is: the Turiasaurus paper


Royo-Torres, R., A. Cobos, & L. Alcalá. 2006. A Giant European Dinosaur and a 
New Sauropod Clade. Science 314:1925-1927.

Fossils of a giant sauropod dinosaur, Turiasaurus riodevensis, have been 
recovered from terrestrial deposits of the Villar del
Arzobispo Formation (Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary) of Riodeva (Teruel Province, 
Spain). Its humerus length (1790 millimeters) and
estimated mass (40 to 48 metric tons) indicate that it may have been the most 
massive terrestrial animal in Europe and one of the
largest in the world. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that the fossil 
represents a member of a hitherto unrecognized group of
primitive European eusauropods that evolved in the Jurassic.

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