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Re: parthenogenetically derived reptile offspring

Birds have a different way of making it happen and it isn't quite "mounting". They just sort of touch cloacas. Unlike male snakes and lizards which have two, male crocs which have one, male birds have no external apparatus to couple with so there really isn't a classic mounting so to speak. (red faced and somewhat flushed). While someone brought it up, (stop it!) anyone know how dinosaurs fit into this numbers game???

Go to the website http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi? cmd=Search&db=PubMed&term=parthenogenesis+in +turkey&tool=QuerySuggestion for a list of 23 citations on turkey asexual reproduction.

Frank (Rooster) (not turkey) Bliss
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On Dec 23, 2006, at 10:40 AM, Ian Paulsen wrote:

I haven't heard of this before, do you have a source on this? I know that
domestic turkeys for the most part are artificially inseminated because
the toms are bred to be large, too large to mount the hens. Now that's a
weight problem, when you are too large to have sex!


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