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Re: Good News

<<Who said last time surprises don't happen anymore in the fossil record?>>

There's an English Upper Jurassic mammal fauna from Chicksgrove Quarry,
which was sampled back in the late 1980s.  It apparently dates from between
Guimarota and the Purbecks, but nothing has been published.  Remains are
said to include multis and eupanthotheres.  It's mentioned in the localities
list for Mesozoic mammals in Benton M, Cook E & Hooker JJ (2005), Mesozoic
and Tertiary Fossil Mammals and Birds of Great Britain, Geological
Conservation Review Series, No. 32.  However, that's not actually how I
heard of it.

It certainly surprised me.  There aren't any other European mammal
localities with such an age (presumably Tithonian, but I'm not certain on
that).  Oh, and there's other stuff there as well.

Mesozoic eucynodonts
The Mesozoic - more than just the dinosaur