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Re: parthenogenetically derived reptile offspring

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

> > Concerning parthogenesis and dinosaurs, the case
> of the turkey would be 
> > more relevant. There is a domestic breed of turkey
> ( I could look up the 
> > name somewhere but I'm too lazy to do it right
> now) for which 

Beltsville Small White Turkeys have been
experimentally bred for increased parthenogenesis, but
it's considered a major fault in turkey breeding.
You'd have to do it at home.

> > parthogenesis is a very normal or even the default
> way of conception.
> Really? I've heard of a case, but (as in the Komodo
> monitor) all offspring 
> of parthenogenesis in birds are automatically male
> and can't repeat the 
> trick.

IIRC, they are nearly always males and some of them
are fertile.



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