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RE: parthenogenetically derived reptile offspring

--- Brian Lauret <zthemanvirus@hotmail.com> schrieb:

> Of course, as always happens in nature, things
> aren't as neatly divided between neoavians and
> non-neavians as you suggest.You see, the abberrant
> parrots of the genus Coracopsis, deep within
> Neoaves, have external genitals as well. Or at
> least, they have an extremely well-developed and
> visible cloaca when in breeding season. Wether this
> is analogous with the ones found in more basal
> birds, I don't know. But certainly it proves that
> the external cloaca can be re-evolved. A matter to
> keep in mind, perhaps.
> Brian Lauret

OK, I think most Galliformes have no "pseudo-penis",
and that it was lost autapomorphically in these and
non-Galloanseres... and what Coracopsis has (*never*
heard that one before, but I do not doubt it is so)
re-evolved as an apomorphy on top of that.


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