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Re: Sauropod Biology

> Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 13:57:10 -0600
> From: Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>
>> My point was simply that the extremely derived, high shouldered
>> forms seemed to have gone into decline after the Jurassic.
> Yes, that seems to be true.  In that vein, Cifelli et al. (2000)
> gave _Sauroposeidon_ the species name _proteles_, meaning "perfected
> before the end".

That's Wedel et al. 2000.  (Cifelli was second author):

        Wedel, M. J., R. L. Cifelli and R. K. Sanders.  2000.
        _Sauroposeidon proteles_, a new sauropod from the Early
        Cretaceous of Oklahoma.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

A PDF is freely available from

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