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Re: Sauropod Energetics (Peristaltic pump)

From: "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>

I was responding to Sim Koning's comment about "a constant oxygen supply" for the sauropd's brain. If oxygen concentration were higher, the blood would be more oxygenated and it could better "ride out" a blip in the supply.

I don't think a higher oxygen concentration would help, because basically the blood would drain out of the skull if the blood pressure wasn't high enough to keep it up there in the first place. The brain needs a contant oxygen supply to work. If you have someone put you in a choke hold, you will notice that it only takes a few seconds to pass out. As Greg and I have both said, fainting while in an upright position would result in a pretty nasty fall. I really don't think it's realistic say evolution could not figure out a solution to the problem.