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Re: sauropod rearing

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rtravsky@uwyo.edu writes:

<< The conga line bit is/was a cliche I thought. >>

That trick is more properly called the "Walking Long Mount" in circus jargon: 
that phrase'll net you some Google results. This one ( 
044a ) featured a description:

     'Long Mount   This is a grand trick, often concluding the 
     elephantsâ performance. The bulls line up single file, trunk 
     to tail. Then the elephants stand on their hind legs, placing 
     their front feet on the back of the animal in front to form an 
     impressive pachyderm array, particularly spectacular with 
     a herd of ten or more. Trainer Fred Logan is renowned for 
     creating his âwalking long mount,â in which the line lumbers 
     forward while still mounted!'

Chip Howell