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Dinos and Dragons

I just returned from the opening of a splendid and historic museum exhibit in Europe that might be of interest to some on the list.

At the venerable Teylers Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands (founded in about 1764), the "Dino's en Draken" exhibit on fossils and mythology is the first exhibit of this kind by a natural history museum. The Teylers Museum is the home of the archaeopteryx fossil whose feathers were first noticed by John Ostrom, some very famous mosasaurs, and many other celebrated fossils studied by Plot, Cuvier, etc..

The show explains and illustrates how fossils inspired mythology about giants, dragons, monsters, cyclops, griffins, thunderstones, picture stones, amber, ammonites, etc around the world, from the American Badlands to China (a fascinating idea, if I do say so myself!). Many of the fossil specimens are from the Teylers, the Naturalis, and the Maastricht museum collections.

The illustrated museum catalog, available from the Teylers Museum shop, features fine artwork by Patti Kane-Vanni, Pete Von Sholly, and Ed Heck, and photos of Ana Pinto and Doug Wolfe's Zuniceratops.

The museum website: http://www.teylersmuseum.nl/index_flash.html