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Single origin for venoms of Toxicofera: now officially published

Bryan G. Fry, Nicolas Vidal, Janette A. Norman, Freek J. Vonk, Holger Scheib, S. F. Ryan Ramjan, Sanjaya Kuruppu, Kim Fung, S. Blair Hedges, Michael K. Richardson, Wayne C. Hodgson, Vera Ignjatovic, Robyn Summerhayes & Elazar Kochva: Early evolution of the venom system in lizards and snakes, Nature 439, 584 -- 588 (2 February 2006)

This had already been prepublished online a few months ago. Now we learn (at last) that Nature's online pre-publications are not considered to have the official publication date.

Interesting how it uses "reptile" as something like "squamate" or "lepidosaur" or maybe even "toxicoferan", as in "[t]hese molecules [the large array of toxins] represent a tremendous hitherto unexplored resource not only for understanding reptile evolution but also for use in drug design and development" or "the complex and bioactive secretions present in 'non-venomous' lizards forces a fundamental rethinking of the very concept of 'non-venomous' reptile".