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Re: Single origin for venoms of Toxicofera: now officially published

<Well, now it is clear :-)>

 Uh, I do not think so. I made a point that prepublication dates and paper
publication dates were both available,

Well, the version in today's Nature has volume and page numbers, while the "online advance publication" did not, so it looks like Nature prefers yesterday's version.

<That was Science, not Nature.>

 I mentioned *Dakosaurus andiniensis* not to talk about _Nature_ but in
extension of discussing the OTHER journals that have pre-published
nomenclature. I thought this was also clear.

"Nature has not responded to my request for clarification for some time, and I may need to mail them again for a resolution because of the _Dakosaurus_ 'mosasaur-like' species issue that came up earlier."

To me it was obvious that "they" were Nature.