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Re: Oviraptor=Parrot?

I just watched the Discovery channel documentary 'Dinosaur Planet'
and noticed that once again, the Oviraptor is portrayed as a vicious
predator competing with Velociraptor.

From: David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

Nobody ever seems to have suggested it in the scientific literature. Hadn't I heard it preassumed in another TV show, I wouldn't know anyone had ever thought so at all.

Just as an example, Don Lessem's 'Dinosaur Encyclopedia' says, "The form of its jaws and the shape of its hands indicate that it was a rapacious hunter". In the books that I have read, it is typically described as a predator, an egg eater, a mollusk eater or an omnivore. I hardly ever see any comparison drawn between this family and parrots. The only author I can think of who did was Greg Paul.