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Unwin's ?baby ?P. ?kochi

On National Geographic's 'Sky Monsters' David Unwin trotted out three
specimens he hypothesized were ontogenetic variations on a single
species. I think one of them was the 'baby' he also identified as a baby
'Pterodactylus kochi' on page 151 of his book The Pterosaurs from Deep
Time. Phylogenetic analysis shows that this specimen (number unknown)
nests with G-mu-10157, somewhat removed from the pterodactylids and at
the base of the clade cycnorhamphids + ornithocheirids. It takes at
least 11 more steps to nest it with pterodactylids. 18 more steps to
nest it with P. scolopaciceps Broili 1938, BSP 1937 I 18, No. 21 of
Wellnhofer 1970, commonly but erroneously referred to P. kochi.

The pterosaur has a 7.5 inch wingspan according to Unwin. That's about
the size of the smallest adult living birds and bats.

Maybe not a baby after all.

Oh, yeah, it also has a notarium. The scapulae diverge from each other
at 110º and have broad, flat proximal edges.

David Peters
St. Louis