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Re: Oviraptorids as Parrots?

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:
>   Especially important, I think, for researchers to consider if they wish to
> elaborate on this is to investigate various animals suited to eating
> hard-shelled food and do it successfully THROUGH the shell (that's right, the
> occassional lucky lion or baboon who kills a turtle doesn't count, nor I think
> do those vultures that like to drop them from on high or sea otters to crack
> shellfood against stones).

Both tiger sharks and jaguars (of all things!) are specialist
testudinate feeders. The sharks use sideways head thrashing to 'saw'
through the shells of marine turtles with their serrated teeth, while
jaguars use massive nut-cracker jaw muscles to crack tortoises like
walnuts. Apparently testudinates feature highly in the diets of both

One wonders whether Thylacoleo ever indulged in the occasional tortoise
snack (they certainly had the equipment for it)...


Dann Pigdon
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