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FW: Plesiosaur mini-symposium

Let's try this again.
I have been asked to submit the following to the list.


Giants of the Sea Revealed at the Dinosaur Resource Center


      The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is sponsoring a
Plesiosaur Mini-Symposium on Saturday, February 25, 2006 at its facility
in Woodland Park, Colorado.  Learn about the peculiarities of this
special marine reptile beginning at 1 pm.  These lectures are open to
the public.

     Plesiosaur researchers from around the country will present
lectures on topics relating to these 70 million year old giants of the
deep.  Lecturers include Dr. Larry Martin, University of Kansas, Dr.
Glenn Storrs, Cincinnati Museum Center, Dr. Ken Carpenter, Denver Museum
of Nature and Science, Michael Everhart, Sternbeg Museum of Natural
History, and Bruce Schumacher, USFS.  

    RMDRC new specimens, the Dolichorhynchops bonneri, a rare short
necked plesiosaur and the giant Texas Tylosaur "Sophie," will be on
exhibit to the public for the first time.  These prehistoric creatures
swam in the oceans of Colorado over 70 million years ago.  

     The public may attend the lectures free with paid museum admission.
Space is limited.  Reservations may be made in advance by calling
719-686-1820 X111.  Seating is on a first come first serve basis.

     There will be a special unveiling ceremony of the Dolichorhynchops
bonneri and Texas Tylosaur Friday night at 6 pm.  Media, special guests
and RMDRC members will be invited to attend.  For membership information

     The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is located at 201 S.
Fairview in downtown Woodland Park, CO.  Hours are 9-6 Monday thru
Saturday and 10-5 Sunday.  For more information visit our web site at
www.rmdrc.com <http://www.rmdrc.com/>  or call 719-686-1820.