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James E. Allen's Sinclair Dinosaurs

At Micheal Ryan's always fun  and interesting blog, Palaeoblog,  ( 
http://palaeoblog.blogspot.com/ ),  there's a nice little feature about the old 
Sinclair Dinosaur Book_ that  came out at the same time Sinclair Oil had a 
dinosaur exhibit at the 1933-34  Chicago World's Fair. It's authored by Barnum 
Brown, who had an ongoing  relationship with Sinclair for a few years. He also 
supervised the restorations  by James E. Allen, a well-known artist at that 
Allen also created some  dinosaur sculptures for the AMNH. The elderly members 
of the DML grew up with  the Allen paintings in the books by Carroll Lane 
Fenton, but the best image of  all, I think, is seldom seen but is reproduced 
here. It's the cover of the  booklet, a masterpiece of Old-School dinosaur art. 
I'd love to see the original  in person someday.  DV: