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Re: Jack Horner On JP4, 3D Movie

Richard W. Travsky wrote:

> Jack Horner confirmed what I had read previously, involving genetically
> engineered dinosaurs that ended up looking very human-like. He gave us the
> example of the concept of the troodon-human, an idea in paleontology that
> if the dinosaurs had not died, they would have evolved to become more
> human-like. ... He told us that the reason JP4 had not moved forward
> sooner was that Steven Spielberg had rejected the screenplay that he and
> Joe Johnston had written. He then said that he was working on a new
> screenplay with Joe that he thinks Steven would like better.

I dunno if I should laugh or be utterly dismayed. Ah good God!
I saw only recently JP2 and I found it boring and generally thinking
that the miracle, Chaparita, was that people actually standed watching
the movie. I liked the creatures and the S-FX, mind you, but the damn
thing just rung hollow.
And now they want to tout the humanoid troodont canard again?!
Word: The first Jurassic Park should've been the *one*.

> He then mentioned that he is currently working on a feature length, fully
> 3D movie that would be a tour of Montana 75 million years ago, going from
> the ocean to the mountains. I asked if this would be shown at IMAX
> theaters, and he said that it could be, but was intended as one of the
> early releases for the new 3D theaters being built across the country, and
> that they were working on making the JP movies into 3D. I had heard of
> this project with the Star Wars franchise, but I didn't realize it was
> going to be so widespread so soon.

I'm more interested in this than I would ever be in any JP
installment: is this going to be released worldwide?

Renato Santos

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