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Dinosaur EQ

Good day!
I have a few questions regarding dinosaur EQ values:

1.) Did anyone calculated the EQ values for _Bambiraptor feinbergorum_, 
_Scipionyx samniticus_ and/or "feathered" theropods from Liaoning?

2.) Are the values calculated by (Hopson, 1980) still accepted?

Sauropodomorphs - 0.05 (Prosauropods) - 0.2 (Sauropods)

Ankylosaurs - 0.5

Stegosaurs - 0.6

Ceratopsians - 0.7 to 0.9

Ornithopods - 0.9 to 1.5

"Large theropods" - 1 to 1.9

Dromaeosaurids - 5.5 to 5.8

Troodontids - 5.8 (6.5)

3.) Is the value assigned to Troodon formosus (6.28 or even 6.48) a "record" 
for any nonavian dinosaur? Is there any contender among recently (i.e. in the 
past few years) discovered theropods (Bambiraptor, other troodontids, 
oviraptorosaurs etc?). Also, which dinosaur would be on the other end of the 
table with lowest EQ value?

4.) Did anything new happen in this matter over the past few years (new 
approaches, methods used, etc?). Will any other calculations of the newly 
discovered or recalculations of the old ones took place? Is there any kind of 
database with these values on the web? 

Thank you, in advance. Vlad