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Re: human-animal hybrids - ?????

OK, I won't be too surprised if I get yelled at about this by the moderators - it is off topic, but I have to ask.

I THINK it's a silly question, since last time I seriously looked into it, the answer was "no". There was a Jerry somebody who was going on about it, notoriously paranoid fellow, and the issue was mixed up with that of genetic research, which I was looking into at the time.

I am given to understand that George Bush actually made a thing about human-animal hybrids in his State of the Union speech.

Is there an actual issue here, or has he gone off the deep end worse than we knew he has?

On my ancient bible studies list, one of the most scholarly and intelligent members went off about human-ape chimeras a few months ago. He's convinced they exist. I was howling.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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