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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3473

--- dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:

> "Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit
> the most egregious
> abuses of medical research: [......] creating
> human-animal hybrids
> [...]"- G. W. Bush, State of the Union speech,
> Jan 31, 2006.

Unfortunately, this IS revelant for this list. :-(

Fantastic programmes with scientists creating
dangerous mutants, live dinosaurs, alien conspirancies
etc. have become most common place where everyday
people view scientists and scientific research. This
is not helped by supposedly serious popular science,
like "Discovery Channel" regularily introducing
fantastic topics to boost popularity. We might ignore
it as entertainment, but massive  numbers of such
programmes means that public starts to perceive it as

I think scientists should speak of and bring some
sense to this. I don't know who "these scientists" may
be, I am not one and not sitting in any important
scientific body. Otherwise, within few years science
may be facing  witch hunt. Scientist could be
suffering anything from unnecessary bureaucracy to
threats of violence, and society will suffer because
of slowing of technological development. 

Want to receive regular, paid comission which checks,
that your fossils are not used to extract DNA and
introduce it into live organisms? 

Jerzy Dyczkowski

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