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RE: Antarctica Dinosaurs

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> Dear Lists,
> I would appreciate very much if someone would let me know what is the 
> Dinosaurs first discovered from Antarctica?
> When was it discovered?
> Chisako SAKATA

Hi, Chisa!

The first discovered Antarctic dinosaur fossil (other than penguins!) was a 
Late Cretaceous ankylosaur, found in 1986:

Gasparini, Z., E. Olivero, R. Scasso & C. Rinaldi. 1987. Un ankylosaurio 
(Reptilia, Ornithischia) campaniano en el contiente
antarctico. Anais do X Congresso Brasileiro de Paleontologia 1: 131-141.

At present, though, Cryolophosaurus is the only named species of non-avian 
dinosaur from that continent.

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