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Re: A Wild Hare [not dino related]

Aagh! He got me!

To be honest, I had to google for it. :-)

Shouldn't that be "Dermatoptera", anyway?

Sounds logical. But there's "dermis" as well as "derma"... well, I don't know Greek.

Yes, but I hate the idea of having a taxonomic system that includes a
"Euarchonta" without an "Archonta".

I agree. The PhyloCode may even outlaw this in the near future.

I prefer to use "Archonta" for
'primates and their closest relatives' (these days, equals Primates,
Scandentia, Derm_o_ptera, Rodentia, and Lagomorpha) and to say that it
has been determined that bats are not, in fact, archontans after all.

So you like this better than "Euarchontoglires" and "Supraprimates"... IMHO "Supraprimates" was not bad... :-}