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Re: DINOSAUR digest 3473

>   1) Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Defend Their Young?

Dinosaur nesting ecology must be very different from
what we see now. 

Colonial birds and their eggs and chicks are easy
prey. When I watched gull colonies I seen buzzards and
 crows coming repeatedly like to fast food stall and
flying off with eggs or chicks.

Bird colonies exist because flying birds can nest in
places inaccessible to most predators. And nesting
season is concentrated into several weeks per year,
which swamps local predators with food and prevents
apperance of predator feeding exclusively on eggs and

Hardosaurs could not fly and their nesting season was
probably at least several months. I wondered how such
congregation ever survived and hatched young?

I still cannot explain it. I suppose following:
- many nesting colonies preserved in inaccessible
habitats, like sand dunes, might not be a coincidence,
nesting hardosaurs indeed chosen hard-to-get places;
- heavy built of hardosaurs might be an adaptation for
nest defense;
- small size of eggs and hatchlings might be an
adaptation for being unprofitable food for predators
aiming at nesting adults;
- hardosaur nesting, especially successful nesting,
might not be annual, but occured every five years or

Jerzy Dyczkowski

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