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Re: Drunken Elephants Re: rearing elephant photo/s

On 2/7/06, Richard W. Travsky wrote:

> Actually, this breathes new life into those stories about elephants
> getting drunk.

Actually they do get drunk, and a host of animals along with them
while foraging the fruits of the marula tree,
Marula fruit ferments on the ground, lazy elephant picks it up along
with a few dozen other and then hilarity ensues: I've seen footage :-D
They even said that 2 fermented marula fruits equal about three
whiskey glasses, so it doesn't get too long before the animal feel the
Now to keep this dinosaur-themed I ask: what is the oldest record of
fleshy fruits, or at least of piths congruent with them?
If they existed well into the Cretaceous maybe it wouldn't be too
fancyful to imagine herbivorous and omnivorous dinosaurs getting drunk
on fermented fruit  :-D
Ah, and remember that alcohol poisoning messes up memory so the
drunken dinosaur would wake up with a hangover but with no recall of
what hit it.

Renato Santos

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