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RE: Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered

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> Mike Harrison
> Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered         By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science 
> Writer 25 minutes ago
>   "This is the best look so far at the ancestral condition from which the 
> tyrant dinosaurs, T. rex and company, evolved,"
> said the expert, Thomas Holtz Jr. of the University of Maryland.

Who am I to argue with that!

Paper, and News & Views, should be out within the next hour or so. Folks who 
get BBC radio: I will be live at about 5:40 pm Eastern
(2240 GMT) on the World Today, and 8:45 pm Eastern (2345 GMT) on Up All Night. 
Oh, and I already did cuts for Science In Action for
the BBC, as well as NPR and Deustchlandfunk.

And all I did is review the beastie!! :-)

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