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RE: Best _Guanlong wucaii_ headline

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> Jean-Michel Benoit
> Hello all
> don't know if it's been debated before, but the reconstruction shows a
> somewhat feathery creature, not to mention the _quite_ wing-like arms. I
> know that feathers are known for a long time now, and that it appeared in
> coelurosaurs, at least, quite early. Is there any evidence that *G. wucaii*
> fossils(s) show these features?

The dinofuzz was not preserved, but inferred from its phylogenetic position 
(between compsognathids and maniraptorans on the
outside, and _Dilong_ on the inside).

The forelimbs are fairly well preserved and are very long. I don't see that the 
actual bones, or the reconstruction for that matter,
are particularly "wing-like" beyond the normal coelurosaurian condition. 
(Granted, relative to a ceratosaur, coelurosaur arms are
pretty "wing-like"!)

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