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Re: Guanlong wucaii (was RE: Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered)

On Thursday, February 9, 2006, at 01:05 PM, Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org wrote:

The crest obviously is a resonating chamber like lambeosaurs to call
other scavengers to dinner - ;-)

Seemingly illogical given that that would only mean less food for the 'calling' individual. Vultures & bald eagles, for example, don't summon each other AND they often squabble and/or fight . HOWEVER, it would make sense if that when groups were assembled they would cooperate in defense of themselves & the carcass from the [at that time larger representatives of] other predaceous theropods of the time. This would also be a good starting point for the socialization that certain assemblages of tyrannosaurid fossils represent. Besides the obvious social implications of a head-borne crest that works directly against predation. . .