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Fw: [NOVA] "Jewel of the Earth"

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Subject: [NOVA] "Jewel of the Earth"
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Next on NOVA: "Jewel of the Earth"


Broadcast: February 14, 2006 at 8 p.m. ET/PT
(NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as
dates and times may vary.)

Forty million years ago a diverse community of insects living at the
bottom of a tree in a temperate forest chanced into a sticky pool of
pine resin. Then a mere 67 years ago a young boy named David
Attenborough was given the amber stone containing the entombed bugs.
"Jewel of the Earth" explores the remarkable time capsule of ancient
life preserved in this and countless other samples of fossilized
tree resin, or amber. Sir David Attenborough, now grown up and a
celebrated naturalist and TV personality, hosts the program. As he
makes abundantly clear, he is still entranced with the amber
specimen from his youth and the seemingly magical quality of the
material to serve as a crystal-clear window to an age before humans
walked the Earth

Here's what you'll find on the companion Web site:


     Bitten By the Bug
     What lies behind fossil-bearing amber's fascination? Hear from
     one newly minted aficionado.

     Amber Time Machine
     Trace a bee's journey from its brief life 20 million years ago
     down through the ages within fossil resin.


     Stories in Amber
     View striking photos of long-extinct plants and animals caught
     forever in mid-pose.

     Amber Around the World
     From the Arctic to the tropics, from Mexico to Myanmar, amber
     is cosmopolitan, as this clickable map shows.


     Amber Slide Show
     Subscribe to our video podcast to download a collection of
     dazzling images and hear expert George Poinar reveal the
     secrets trapped within ancient amber.

Also, Links & Books, the Teacher's Guide, the program transcript,
and more.



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