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Re: Phil Currie and Burroughs?

In a message dated 2/11/2006 2:22:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
ddkrentz@charter.net writes:

<<  I came across an obscure reference to a journal  from the 70's  
entitled 'Erbivore' written by a Phil Currie.  It  was a publication  
about the fiction work of Tarzan and John Carter of  Mars writer E.R.  
Burroughs.  Is this OUR Phil Currie?  >>

I suspect you're on to something, Maestro Krentz. I  found this on Google:

<< ERBivore
-- Faned: Philip J. Currie. An  irregular, offset fanzine devoted to the 
works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Published out of Drumheller, Alberta, in the 
1980s.  >>