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Re: Phil Currie and Burroughs?

Phil later went on to contribute articles to a quarterly publication , the "Burroughs Bulletin" produced in Louisville, Kentucky and distributed out of Chicago. His first article appeared in the October 1993 edition addressing anatomical differences in factual and fictional dinosaurs and other denizens of prehistory ( he had asked me to provide a sketch of a "Gryf" which is a modified, oversized version of Triceratops from ERB's Tarzan / Pellucidar series, for that particular installment). Phil has been a long time fan of science fiction / science fantasy, as are many of us.

Mike S.

<<  I came across an obscure reference to a journal  from the 70's
entitled 'Erbivore' written by a Phil Currie.  It  was a publication
about the fiction work of Tarzan and John Carter of  Mars writer E.R.
Burroughs.  Is this OUR Phil Currie?  >>

I suspect you're on to something, Maestro Krentz. I  found this on Google:

<< ERBivore
-- Faned: Philip J. Currie. An irregular, offset fanzine devoted to the
works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Published out of Drumheller, Alberta, in the early
1980s. >>