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Re: Phil Currie and Burroughs?

In a message dated 2/11/2006 3:50:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
palaeopaint@dinosaursinart.com writes:
<< His first article appeared in  the October 1993 edition addressing 
anatomical differences in factual and  fictional dinosaurs and other denizens 
of prehistory ( he had asked me to  provide a sketch of a "Gryf" which is a 
modified, oversized version of  Triceratops from ERB's Tarzan / Pellucidar 
series, for that particular  installment). >>

The "Gryf" is found Pal-ul-don somewhere in  Burrough's Africa:


Good old Tarzan  had not one, but TWO places where he romped with dinosaurs, 
Pal-ul-don and  Pellucidar, a world at the earth's core. This is in line with 
Burrough's  penchant for making things scarier by adding extra pairs of legs 
and arms, as  Dave Krentz is dealing with now.
If I remember correctly  from the comics, Tarz would hitch a ride behind the 
frill of a gryf by wacking  it's rostrum with a stick and calling out, 
"Hoo-EEE!" Hey, I bought it when I  was 10.