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Re: Phil Currie and Burroughs?

Right you are Dan. I have to admit, my particular interest in Burroughs was the "John Carter of Mars" series, I never have read the Tarzan books, just recall a couple of the circa 1960's comic books. When Phil asked me to do a "Gryf", he just described what it was compared to Triceratops and I assumed it was a Pellucidar animal. I recall an image sequence from one of the comics featuring Pal-ul don with a city / hewn marble fortress populated by primitive ape people?. . . or was that Planet of the Apes. . . I suddenly find myself captured in a temporal rift storyline vortex. sucking me into a black abyss. Aaughhh. . what's happenninnggggg ggg gg gg!

MIke S.

The "Gryf" is found Pal-ul-don somewhere in  Burrough's Africa:


Good old Tarzan had not one, but TWO places where he romped with dinosaurs,
Pal-ul-don and Pellucidar, a world at the earth's core. This is in line with
Burrough's penchant for making things scarier by adding extra pairs of legs
and arms, as Dave Krentz is dealing with now.
If I remember correctly from the comics, Tarz would hitch a ride behind the
frill of a gryf by wacking it's rostrum with a stick and calling out,
"Hoo-EEE!" Hey, I bought it when I was 10.