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unnamed taxa in _The Dinosauria_ 2ed

In the second (2004) edition of _The Dinosauria_ by Weishampel, Dodson, and
Osmolska, there are many genera listed that were unnamed at the time of
publication. Some of these genera may have been described formally since
then. For example, Table 5.1 lists an "unnamed Tyrannosaurid" (p112); this
was described as Appalachiosaurus in 2005.

Can anyone provide any information on:

1) Which other then-unnamed genera have been named since the publication of
the book, and which have still not been described?

2) What references exist for the recently-named taxa?

I'd be grateful for any pointers that anyone can provide. Below I list the
unnamed taxa from the book, as well as locality and age information and
known material.




1. unnamed coelophysoid (="Shake-N-Bake" theropod; Tykoski 1997). Kayenta
Formation, Arizona, USA (Sinemurian-Pliensbachian). Fragmentary remains of
at least 17 individuals. (p48)

2. unnamed coelophysoid (= "Liliensternus" airelensis Cuny et Galton,
1993). Moon-Airel Formation, Manche, France (early Hettangian). Tooth,
vertebrae, partial sacrum, and pelves. (p48)

3. unnamed tetanuran (= "Szechuanosaurus" zigongensis Gao 1993). Lower
Shaximiao Formation, Sichuan, China (Bathonian-Callovian). Incomplete
skeletons of at least 2 individuals, fragmentary postcrania. (p72)

4. unnamed eustreptospondyline (="Poekilopleuron" valesdunensis Allain
2002). Calcaire de Caen Formation, Calvados, France (middle Bathonian).
Nearly complete skull and associated partial skeleton. (p72)

5. unnamed tetanuran (="Megalosaurus" hesperis Waldman 1974). Inferior
Oolite, Dorset, England (Aalenian-Bajocian). Skull elements. (p74)

6. unnamed allosauroid (Perez-Moreno et al 1993). Unnamed unit, Gard,
France (Valanginian). Incomplete forelimb. (p75)

7. unnamed carcharodontosaurid. Rio Limay Formation, Neuquen, Argentina
(Albian-Cenomanian or Cenomanian-Turonian). Skulls and associated
postcrania. (p75)

8. unnamed carcharodontosaurid. Rio Colorado Formation, Mendoza, Argentina
(Santonian-Campanian). Partial skull and skeleton. (p75)

9. unnamed compsognathid. Santana Formation, Ceara, Brazil (Albian).
Pelvis, sacrum, incomplete hindlimbs. (p76) [probably Mirischia?]

10. unnamed tyrannosauroid (="Ornithomimus" grandis Marsh 1890). Eagle
Sandstone, Montana, USA (Campanian). Pes. (p113)

11. unnamed tyrannosauroid (="Chilantaisaurus" maortuensis Hu 1964).
Dashuigou Formation, Nei Mongol Zizhiqu, China (Albian). Partial skull,
postcranial skeleton. (p113)

12. unnamed Zamyn Khondt oviraptorine. Djadokhta Formation, Omnogov,
Mongolia (Campanian). Complete skeleton with skull. (p167)

13. unnamed troodontid Barsbold et al 1987. Baruungoyot Svita, Dornogov,
Mongolia (Albian-Cenomanian). Skull and postcranial fragments. (p185)

14. unnamed ?dromaeosaurid (="Ornithodesmus" cluniculus Seeley 1887).
Wessex Formation, Isle of Wight, England (Barremian). Sacrum. (p199)

15. unnamed prosauropods (="Gyposaurus" sinensis Young 1941). Dull Purplish
Beds of the Lower Lufeng Series, Yunnan, China (Sinemurian, or
Hettangian-Pliensbachian). 2 skeletons, 1 with partial skull, 2 partial
skeletons, 3 skull fragments, adult. (p234)

16. unnamed basal sauropod (="Apatosaurus" minimus Mook 1917). Morrison
Formation, Wyoming, USA (Kimmeridgian-Tithonian). Sacrum, pelvis. (p262)

17. unnamed basal sauropod (="Morosaurus" agilis Marsh 1889). Morrison
Formation, Colorado, USA (Kimmeridgian-Tithonian). Partial skull,
cervicals. (p262)

18. unnamed titanosauriform (="Texas Pleurocoelus" Langston 1974). Paluxy
Formation, Glen Rose Formation, Texas, USA (Aptian). Partial postcranial
skeleton, islated fragmentary remains. (p266)

19. unnamed brachiosaurid (="Brachiosaurus" atalaiensis Lapparent et
Zbyszewski 1957). Various units, Portugal (Kimmeridgian-Tithonian).
Vertebrae, ischia, pubes, forelim and hindlimb elements. (p267)

20. unnamed brachiosaurid (="Brachiosaurus" nougaredi) Lapparent 1960.
"Continental intercalaire", Wargla, Algeria (Albian). Sacrum, forelimb
elements. (p267)

21. unnamed lithostrotian (="Titanosaurus" colberti Jain et Bandyopadhyay
1997). Lameta Formation, Maharashtra, India (Maastrichtian). Partial
skeleton. (p 270)

22. unnamed ornithischian Santa Luca 1984. Upper Elliot Formation,
Mafeteng, Lesotho (Hettangian-?Sinemurian). Fragmentary skull material and
associated skeletons of several individuals. (p326)

23. unnamed euornithopod (="Agilisaurus" multidens = Yandusaurus multidens
He et Cai 1983). Lower Shaximiao Formation, Sichuan, China
(Bathonian-Callovian). Nearly complete skeleton with skull. (p394)

24. unnamed euornithopodan (="Gongbusaurus" wucaiwanensis Dong 1989).
Shishugou Formation, Xinjiang Ugyur Ziziqu, China (Bathonian-Oxfordian).
Dentary, sacral and caudal vertebrae, partial forelimb, complete hindlimb.

25. unnamed euornithopodan (="Proctor Lake hypsilophodont" Winkler and
Murry 1989). Twin Mountain Formation, Texas, USA (Aptian). Nuermous
articulated skulls and associated skeletons, juvenile to adult. (p396)

26. unnamed hadrosaurine (described as cf. Kritosaurus sp. by Horner 1992).
Lower Bearpaw Shale Formation, Montana, USA (Campanian). Nearly complete
skull and postcranuim. (p441)

27. unnamed hadrosaurine (="Kritosaurus" australis Bonaparte et al 1984).
Los Alamitos Formation, Rio Negro, Argentina (Campanian-Maastrichtian).
Partial skulls with associated postcrania, approximately 5 individuals.

28. unnamed hadrosaurine (="Hadrosaurus minor" Colbert 1948). Navesink
Formation, New Jersey, USA. (Campanian-Maastrichtian). Partial hindlimb,
vertebrae, ribs. (p441)

29. unnamed lambeosaurine (Currie, pers. comm.) Dinosaur Park Formation,
Alberta, Canada (Campanian). Skull. (p442)

30. unnamed pachycephalosaurid (="Troodon" bexelli Bohlin 1953). Minhe
Formation, Nei Mongol Zizhiqu, China (Campanian-Maastrichtian). Partial
paretal. (p466)

Steve C. Wang
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Swarthmore College