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RE: unnamed taxa in _The Dinosauria_ 2ed

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> Steve C. Wang
> In the second (2004) edition of _The Dinosauria_ by Weishampel, Dodson, and
> Osmolska, there are many genera listed that were unnamed at the time of
> publication. Some of these genera may have been described formally since
> then. For example, Table 5.1 lists an "unnamed Tyrannosaurid" (p112); this
> was described as Appalachiosaurus in 2005.

I'll deal with the ones from my chapters:

> 3. unnamed tetanuran (= "Szechuanosaurus" zigongensis Gao 1993). Lower
> Shaximiao Formation, Sichuan, China (Bathonian-Callovian). Incomplete
> skeletons of at least 2 individuals, fragmentary postcrania. (p72)

Still unnamed: will be named when Dan Chure's forthcoming monograph on 
_Allosaurus_ comes out.

> 4. unnamed eustreptospondyline (="Poekilopleuron" valesdunensis Allain
> 2002). Calcaire de Caen Formation, Calvados, France (middle Bathonian).
> Nearly complete skull and associated partial skeleton. (p72)

_Dubreuillosaurus_: latest JVP

> 5. unnamed tetanuran (="Megalosaurus" hesperis Waldman 1974). Inferior
> Oolite, Dorset, England (Aalenian-Bajocian). Skull elements. (p74)

Not likely to get a new name until someone restudies it.

> 6. unnamed allosauroid (Perez-Moreno et al 1993). Unnamed unit, Gard,
> France (Valanginian). Incomplete forelimb. (p75)


> 7. unnamed carcharodontosaurid. Rio Limay Formation, Neuquen, Argentina
> (Albian-Cenomanian or Cenomanian-Turonian). Skulls and associated
> postcrania. (p75)


> 8. unnamed carcharodontosaurid. Rio Colorado Formation, Mendoza, Argentina
> (Santonian-Campanian). Partial skull and skeleton. (p75)


> 9. unnamed compsognathid. Santana Formation, Ceara, Brazil (Albian).
> Pelvis, sacrum, incomplete hindlimbs. (p76) [probably Mirischia?]

_Mirischia asymmetrica_: check DML archives for more information.

> 10. unnamed tyrannosauroid (="Ornithomimus" grandis Marsh 1890). Eagle
> Sandstone, Montana, USA (Campanian). Pes. (p113)

Unlikely to ever recieve its own name. It is undiagnostic tyrannosaurid 

> 11. unnamed tyrannosauroid (="Chilantaisaurus" maortuensis Hu 1964).
> Dashuigou Formation, Nei Mongol Zizhiqu, China (Albian). Partial skull,
> postcranial skeleton. (p113)

See notes for "Szechuanosaurus" above.

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