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Re: dino collectibles listserver

I would check with Randy Knolls who runs the dino
collecting sight someone linked us too recently.
(easily found on google) He knows a man named Mark...
can't remember his last name but he owns every
dinosaur toy made in every color and is a fountain of
info. Also Mike Fredericson of Prehistoric Times would
have info. 

I'll bet you a chinese dinosaur egg that there is no
such list but I think there would be a lot of interest
if there was one. 

Most of the people I have met that collect dino stuff
are people I saw repeatedly on the same ebay auctions
and I wrote them.

Andrew Simpson

--- Ian Paulsen <birdbooker@zipcon.net> wrote:

> HI:
>  Does anyone know of a dino collectibles listserver?
> I hate to keep
> bothering people on this listserver about dino
> collectibles!
> -- 
> Ian Paulsen
> Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
> A.K.A.: "Birdbooker"
> "Rallidae all the way!"

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