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RE: New & Slightly Old-ish Papers


ZITTELIANA B 26 (2005) (€ 28,50)
4th International Symposium on Lithographic Limestone and Plattenkalk,
Eichstätt/Solnhofen, Germany
September 12th-18th, 2005

Geology and Field Trip Guides:
Schmid, Dieter, Leinfelder, Reinhold R. & Schweigert, Günter:
Stratigraphy and Palaeoenvironments of the Upper Jurassic of Southern

Koch, Roman & Weiss, Christian: Field Trip A: Basin-Platform Transition
in Upper Jurassic Lithographic Limestones and Dolomites of the Nothern
Franconian Alb (Germany)

Röper, Martin: Field Trip B: East Bavarian Plattenkalk - Different Types
of Upper Kimmeridgian to Lower Tithonian Plattenkalk Deposits and Facies

Röper, Martin: Field Trip C: Lithographic Limestones and Plattenkalk
Deposits of Solnhofen and Mörnsheim Formations near Eichstätt and

Schweigert, Günter, Dietl, Gerd & Koch, Roman: Field Trip D: The
Nusplingen Plattenkalk and Other Fossil Sites in the Western Swabian Alb
(SW Germany)

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> The latest issue of _Zitteliana B_ (26, 2005) apparently has abstracts

> or papers (can't tell) from the 4th International Symposium on 
> Lithographic Limestone; it's probably rich in referential goodness, 
> but I can't find a table of contents on-line -- anyone have a copy?

The geosciences library over here has some kind of Zitteliana. Next time
get to that general area I'll have a look.